This is going to effect EACH & EVERY resident of Tansi!

Homeowners, property owners, time share owners, and even renters will be paying for this project FOREVER!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Court Ruling

As most of you have probably seen already in the Crossville Chronicle, Ronald Thurman, 13th Judicial District Chancellor has ruled that the Country Club Apartments must be shut down by September 1, 2015.  In the years prior to TSUD and all the issues with the POA there were no complaints about the septic system.  When the property was purchased there were numerous issues that had to be, and were, addressed.  Several roofs had to be replaced, most of the patios and patio doors had to be replaced and/or repaired and all the windows had to be replaced.  This was a nice property in a wonderful community.

Then the POA and TSUD came along.  We have fought them over the sewer on our behalf and on the behalf of the whole community of Lake Tansi.  Many of you have joined us in this fight and in many ways we have succeeded.  The ruling by Mr. Thurman is nothing more than politics.  We had a deal in place for the apartments to enter receivership and for the repairs to be made.  The court, Mr. Thurman, refused to allow this.  Instead he decided that making 24 families homeless was a better alternative.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to these families but unfortunately there is little that we can do at this time.

Once again thank you to all of you who have fought the good fight.  This community has stood tall against the lies and deceit from TSUD and the POA and you are to be commended for this.  We are not ashamed of our property and would encourage any of you to go there and look around and see if you can tell which buildings are ours and which belong to RCI.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sewer service?

There will be a community meeting on 03/23/2015 at 10:00 AM.  It will be held at the Crossville Community Center to discuss Barry Fields taking over the sewer plant.  This is your opportunity to speak out about this issue.  Be sure to let your friends and neighbors know about the meeting because it will likely be the only opportunity you have to provide your feedback.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recent TSUD meeting information

During the most recent TSUD meeting a proposal was put forward by Barry Fields to take control of the sewer plant for one year.  He is hoping to get the state to change the permit allowing him to add more customers.  Previously the state has told us that the permit would not be altered in this way.  We should have a copy of his proposal later today and will be posting it as soon as we have it.

We are still gathering information on what makes him think he can get the permit changed.  The people of the Lake Tansi community deserve to have a say in this and we here at STS will do all we can to provide you with the information as we get it.