This is going to effect EACH & EVERY resident of Tansi!

Homeowners, property owners, time share owners, and even renters will be paying for this project FOREVER!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Attorney has written a POA resignation letter

Today we received a copy of a letter that was written for POA members to resign from the POA.  CLICK HERE to go to the PDF file.  You can print out this letter, fill in the date, fill in your name and membership number and sign it at the bottom.  Please be sure to make a photo copy for your records.

There is some debate as to when you must resign by. We have been advised that the sooner the better, if you wish to avoid being charged any special assessments that the POA may deem necessary to attempt to balance their budget.

Delivery confirmation if you mail the letter or a receipt if you hand deliver it are also advised.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you keep a copy of your letter/ if you take it down to the office I would have someone sign your copy showing the date and who it was received by.

Mailing make sure you can track it to the POA office. Fax it should show you they received it by the transmission number.

It is to bad that the boards for so long have ignored the wishes of the members of the POA and have said they work for the corporation not the members. Looks like the corp. is going to be a little smaller.

Anonymous said...

If they work for the corporation, then the corporation can pay the bills!

Anonymous said...

Does this letter mean that we pay $0.00 dues?

Anonymous said...

Maintenance fee yes for now but that does not have to be paid until the end of Feb either.

Dues no/ nor any other fee or assessment if you have resigned before they have been brought up.

Make sure you do this before the end of the year!

As stated before are all the things legal we have been told or even written down I don't know but you have the right to resign/ DO NOT DECIDE THAT YOU WILL JUST NOT PAY; YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO DO SO UNLESS YOU RESIGN. DON'T MAKE A PROBLEM FOR YOURSELF.

Members here have been treated badly by many of the boards to the point people just lost interest in going to meetings or doing much of anything here. Like many POA'S this one has been run amuck and we would be better off with out it. They have buried themselves in bad decisions and debt and I for one am not going to try and revive something that needs to be let go. I truly believe that many of the people on the boards past and present would have never spent their own money they way they used ours. If so they would all be broke the same way the POA is/ and I am not going to go further into debt myself for a lost cause.

As For TSUD do not sign anything! Thanks to the POA and the people who signed the petition to create a sewer district it is going to cost everyone of us a lot of time, money, and headaches we did not ask for. Myself, I have not seen any indication by other board that they have a clue as to how the people here feel. They think we are just going to forget and pay out the wazoo for this because they had NO IDEA OF WHAT IT COSTS FOR A SEWER DISTRICT AND THEN THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO BLAME PEOPLE FOR BEING UP IN ARMS OVER IT. SHOW ME JIM HELLEMS AND DAVID KERRS NAME AS CUSTOMERS, FOR THAT MATTER ANYONE OTHER THAN 2 PEOPLE WHO HAVE ONTRIBUTED TO THE MESS. SO WHERE ARE ALL THE BOARD MEMBERS PONYING UP MONEY YET THEY EXPECT US TO. THEY BETRAYED THE PEOPLE HERE IN TANSI AND NOW THEY ALL WANT US TO TRUST THEM. I WOULD VENTURE TO SAY THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.


Anonymous said...

I myself will resign and i probably will not even pay the maint. fees. i know they can put a lein on the house but i owe more now than the house is worth so i dont care. we will probably end up in a apartment in our older years because we are on a fixed income and can barely make ends meet now and the sewer is the final nail in the coffin. how can people be so mean and evil to destroy us after we fought in ww2 and worked our entire lifes to retire only to be forced out and have our credit ruined because of greed by coyne and pallet. rhe money that would have gone to the poa will now go to the attorney who i know has a plan and has studied the paperwork given to him. i hope and believe he will be sucessful in the end because this has to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Don't give the POA any more money. The maintenance fee is supposed to be used for upkeep at the amenities. Being we don't use the amenities let them worry about keeping it up. We don't owe the POA anything - in fact they owe use plenty.

Anonymous said...

We should all get together and contact everybody to get this letter or resignation to the POA office ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I agree no more $ for the POA...let them run their "corporation" how they see fit without my money!

Anonymous said...

How sad, my heart goes out to the preceding writer. He is speaking for so many of us. We traveled around the USA looking for the perfect place to retire and chose Crossville. We saw the beauty, the friendly people and we could afford a house on the Lake, a lifelong dream. We invested our retirement funds in a beautiful home.
Now our dreams have turned into a nightmare.
We attended the POA meetings and came away very upset. Mr.Coyne seemed to be running the POA and the rest of the Board let him take over.
When the Mayor decided to take the water from our Lake and our POA was concerned only for the Corporation and not the Property values around the Lake, we resigned.
Since then it is worse, spending the $500,000 from the water escrow acct, the SEWER MESS and borrowing to the Limit. What were they thinking?

Anonymous said...

There is an article in the Tuesday, Nov 23 Knoxville News Sentinel, on page B1 about TSUD billing customers at this time. It quotes Herb Pallett as saying all of this is legal. I am stillwondering why those that pushed so hard for this travesty ( Hellem) have not signed up now that it is available to them.

Anonymous said...

If I resign, then later try to sell our house. How does my resignation affect the person purchasing my home? (assuming someone will buy)

Anonymous said...

7 people went to the POA offfice to resign. They wouln't accept the letters - however - they left the letters there. From the advise from the attorney, this could be done through the Post Office. The letter can be sent CERTIFIED MAIL AND RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED at the cost of $5.54. Your letter of resignation can still be dropped off at the POA office if you please.
The most important thing is all of Tansi should stand by this and let them know WE CAN RESIGN WITH NO ADDITIONAL COSTS. This should be known to as many people as possible. Anyone you come in contact with - TELL THEM...DON'T FORGET - WE STILL HAVE THE ATTORNEY ON OUR SIDE.....

Anonymous said...

If you resign it has no affect on you selling your home. If there is lien it must be paid off at the time of closing.

I really do not see the POA as an asset any more in anything.

The debt to income ratio is not a good one. The fact the the entire community is now in shambles does not help either.

Some how the board forgot that the home owners are the biggest asset they had/ they sort of tossed us into the trash and set it on fire. Now they have ashes and wonder why.

Nobody here believes a word either boards says. We all know what ever is said is for one reason and that is for our money.

A relationship is like a glass vase you can chip it but when you throw it on floor and smash it you can never put back together.
They cared nothing about us so why should we care about them! I do believe that the majority here in Tansi is no longer silent; they have had it with the spending and poor planning by all involved. They did to many things under the table and spent our money with out a vote on such a huge undertaking and cost. You buried yourself in debt don't look to us to get you out of it. The sewer board has no real interest in the people just the sewer; they feel we should have to bear the costs of this foolish grandiose plan that we did not ask for or want.

Anonymous said...

If you want to take your resignation letter to the POA office, take a camera or your cell phone to record the response and keep it to show that you left the letter in the office.

Anonymous said...

My husband went to the POA office with our completed form from the Lawyer. The POA General Manager would not accept it. Instead he gave my husband a Tansi Village Letter of Resignation form to sign. Our home sits on 2 lots. This form shows tow lots and charges $120.00 for each lot ($240.00). HE DID NOT SIGN THIS FORM. Instead he is sending the form from the Lawyer registered mail and we are also faxing a copy to the POA so we have a record. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THAT THE POA GIVES YOU. We have to stick together and take them DOWN. They have DESTROYED our beautiful Lake Tansi Village. What a heartbreak to buy here to retire only to be met with such abuse of power by our POA.

Anonymous said...

Our advise is to take your letter of resignation, that the attorney composed, to the POA office, and have a witness with you so you have proof that you delivered this letter. leave it and walk out. The $120.00 that is supposed to be for maintenance of the amenities is no longer our obligation - let the corporation take care of it. You resigned and you can't use the amenities so why should you be obligated.

Anonymous said...

When you are a member you pay dues and one half for the other lot/ now it reverts back to 2 lots too be paid in full/your still ahead of the game and they still come out the loser because once you leave why would you come back and if you sell would you recommend people belonging? It had been 60 dollars for years then once again they went whole hog and doubled it. At that time a lot of vacant lots said the heck with it.

Would some one produce what the maintenance fee is for/ not what they think it is for.

Like many we came here with high hope of having a great place to live/ how in such a few years it has come to be a place that many of us plan to leave as soon as the housing market gets better. Why because of the POA boards treatment of the members, the debt and the disrespect for us is disgusting.

How many thousands does it cost to cut grass? For years the POA's through out the country have ripped off members maybe that is why so many end up failing. Because one look at this place tells you it has not been used to improve anything for the members. That alone is reason to resign.

Remember then don't eat here or spend a dime on anything. After hearing them describe to every one how bad the lake is /it is a wonder the boats don't fall apart and we surely should not fish in such polluted waters.

Right now they are using the money from the dues to pay the bills which means they are going to be short in 2011. How long can they rob Peter to pay Paul we shall all see, it can not go on indefinitely.

I guess as the line goes THE CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST/ you treated us like crap so have your corp; with no members. Lets see how long that lasts.

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